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About BananaToaster

What the heck is a BananaToaster?

It all started when Alex—one of our Co-Founders—stumbled across the 'Adversarial Patch' research paper published by Google researchers in 2018. The paper explains how they tricked an image classification AI into thinking a banana was a toaster.

Alex of course found this humorous and became acquainted with the Makerspace at UC. He ended up printing a t-shirt inspired by the research paper. Over the years, it became an inside joke amongst friends, until late 2023 when BananaToaster was founded!



adversarial patch
bt tee

What does BananaToaster do exactly?

BananaToaster is a website design and hosting company. We aim to create unique websites using Silverstripe CMS, a New Zealand content management system. If you need us to cover hosting, we have your back too. Our websites are responsive for mobile and desktop users, as well as curated to your needs as a client. 

How much are our services?

The cost of a new or updated website will be dependent on your needs. We curate websites that have have blog posts, testimonials, editable contact forms and media galleries. All editable by yougiving you control over your content. Please get in touch to find out more.

Who is involved in BananaToaster?

At the moment, only our two Co-Founders—Alex and Olivia. They are both qualified in the tech industry and are happy to chat all things web-related if you want to get in touch. 


Want to know more? Get in contact below!